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Analytics & Reporting

The tools to monitor your track performance & DJ support over time

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Reporting matters

Reporting your DJ support and cross-platform performance has become an increasingly critical component of the dance music industry. DJ support is an important metric for artists, labels, management and booking agents. Performance across Spotify, Beatport, and other sources are the drivers behind the success of a release.

Because it can be hard to monitor all of your tracks and all of their platforms, Songstats now brings you the tools to maintain a clear overview of the key data points for each track. Monitor each track over time to spot trends in each platform. Use the Activity Feed to monitor recent support and dive into the Analytics behind all of your tracks.

Our Reporting feature enables you to easily generate customized reports about one or more of your tracks and email them to pre-selected recipients on a recurring basis.

We will work with you to provide Prioritized Customer Support for every track. Build out and organize your music catalogue and we'll work with you to maintain its completeness and accuracy.

Big Data. Quick insights

Measure track performance and DJ support over time.

Visual Analysis

Create a clean and crisp report to effectively represent the success of tracks.

Collaborate Online

Analyze track data and reports with your team.

Control Your Catalogue

We'll ensure that all of your tracks are accurately maintained in your catalogue.

We get data from the most popular platforms to give you the best overview of your track performance.

  • 1001Tracklists
  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify
  • Beatport
For Artists
(or €100 per year)
For Labels
(or €150 per year)

Try for free for one month!


About Us

1001Tracklists is the world's leading DJ tracklist database, containing tracklists for every major DJ radio show and thousands of tracklists for mixes and live performances.

Powered by the 1001Tracklists database, Songstats provides cross-platform insight into the analytics of your brand.